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Brother Pond has been a technical rock climber for over 30 years, and he hasn't died even once. Prior to him becoming a teacher in the S&I system, he was the head rock climbing instructor for the Teton High Adventure Base, just outside of Grand Teton National Park. When it comes to hobbies, he does a lot of things, from reading to running to writing to rock climbing. Just not all at the same time. His undergraduate degree was in Astrophysics, followed by an MBA from BYU and a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Utah. He then tried to figure out what sleep felt like again. Brother Pond has taught seminary at 13 schools along the Wasatch Front, and is now the Institute Director of the Salt Lake Valley Institute Program, focused on providing amazing Gospel opportunities for students with Adaptive Needs. He is married to the greatest blessing in his life, his gorgeous wife, Jennifer. They have four kids, who are basically all miniature clones of their parents. In fact, his daughter, Emma, is now his rock-climbing partner.

Fall Class Schedule

Mondays 10:00-11:00 AM -- Rel. 212, "Come Follow Me" (ADAPTED NEEDS) Peer helpers needed

What to Expect in Class: This course follows the pacing of "Come, Follow Me" as a way to strengthen your personal study and deepen your testimony of the Savior, Jesus Christ. While the class is designed to specifically benefit students who have unique or special educational needs, each lesson is taught in a way that students of any background or capacity will feel challenged and learn at their own pace. Neurotypical students who desire to take this class as peer helpers will receive the same Institute credit, while discovering the Gospel on a totally new and amazing level. Peer helpers will work one-on-one with adapted needs buddies to help them participate and contribute in class. No special needs experience is necessary.

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