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Image by Tyler Nix
Image by Tyler Nix

The Eternal Family

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • The Family: A Proclamation to the World

  • Gender & Identity

  • Divorce & Delayed Blessings

  • Same-Sex Attraction

  • The Roles of Men & Women (Dads & Moms)

  • Abuse

  • Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

  • Sexual Intimacy

  • Pornography Use

  • Dating

Foundations of the Restoration

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Plural Marriage

  • The Utah War and the Mountain Meadows Massacre

  • Multiple Accounts of the First Vision

  • The Book of Mormon Translation Process

  • Priesthood Keys and Authority

  • Women and the Priesthood

  • Succession in the Presidency of the Church

  • Official Declaration #2

Image by Tyler Nix
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Jesus Christ & His Everlasting Gospel

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Discovering Hope in Jesus as the Light and Life of Your World

  • Recognizing the Savior’s Miracles in Your Life

  • Embracing Christ’s Justice, Mercy, and Love

  • Drawing Closer to Jesus Christ through His Sacrament & Temple Ordinances

  • Understanding How Christ’s Pre-Mortal, Mortal, and Post Mortal Ministries Bless Us

  • Receiving the Savior’s Divine Gift of Grace

  • Finding Your Place in the Good Shepherd’s Fold

  • Living with Hope While Preparing for His Second Coming

  • Finding Your Place in the Good Shepherd’s Fold and Gathering Others to Him

Teachings & Doctrine of the Book of Mormon

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Responding to Prophetic Direction

  • Improving Daily Scripture Study

  • Accessing the Savior's Grace

  • Finding Solace in Life after Death

  • Remaining on the Covenant Path

  • Deepening Conversion to Jesus Christ

  • Gathering Israel

  • Ministering to God's Children One-by-One

  • Overcoming Pride

  • Fortifying Myself Against False Doctrine

  • Improving Prayers & Revelation in My Life

  • Developing Faith, Hope & Charity

Image by Bailey Burton
Image by Chanhee Lee

Adulting 1010

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Transitioning into Adulthood with a Gospel Perspective

  • Life Goals

  • Budgeting & Finance

  • Developing Talents

  • Choosing a Career

  • Life Balance

  • Managing Stress

  • Mental Health Skills

  • Navigating Life's Challenges in Faith

  • Social Media & Electronics Management

  • Improve Study Skills

  • Improve Social Skills

Involving Jesus in
Your Mental Health

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Perfectionism

  • Thinking Errors

  • Christlike Emotions

  • Relationships & Communication

  • Addiction

  • Abuse

  • Suicide

  • Managing Depression & Anxiety

  • Physical Health

  • Sexual Feelings

  • Mindfulness

  • Skills to Deal with Mental/Emotional Distress

Image by Fernando @cferdophotography
Image by Wisnu Widjojo

The Restored Gospel & World Religions

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Holy Envy

  • Hinduism

  • Jainism

  • Sikhism, Taoism

  • Confucianism

  • Shintoism, Zoroastrianism

  • Buddhism

  • Judaism

  • Islam

  • Christianity

  • The Restoration

Institute Singers

  • Enjoy relevant gospel discussions on music & the hymns 

  • Feel greater converting power to the Savior Jesus Christ 

  • Develop your musical gifts and talents 

  • Share your testimony with others through music 

  • Visit high schools and help with institute recruiting 

  • Perform for General Authorities and church leaders

  • Debut award winning church music arrangements 

  • Experience first hand the blessings of music in your life 

  • Sing in high level concerts, firesides, and devotionals 

  • Meet new friends and belong socially 

  • Audition is required, anyone interested can contact Brother McDonald 

Institute Singers U of U Choir_edited.jpg
Image by Michael Maasen

Come Unto Christ
Through Music

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Make connections to the Savior and his restored gospel through music 

  • Learn the foundational principles of music theory 

  • Learn how to apply music theory in writing and arranging music 

  • Learn musical form, scales, chords, progressions, 

  • Learn the basics of how to use music software programs 

  • Make friendships with others who also love music and the Savior 

  • Share your music in class with others 

  • Collaborate with other students in helping everyone write and arrange music 

  • No musical skills required, anyone is welcome at any level

My Gospel Questions

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Engage in relevant, open, honest, and edifying discussions about the gospel-related topics that students select.

  • Topics include questions regarding the doctrine, teachings, policies, and history of the Church.

  • Some questions are straightforward, some deal with sensitive topics, and others introduce ambiguity and complexity. 

  • The first few lessons of the course teach principles and a pattern for seeking answers.

  • Learn to use Church resources

  • Practice skills like “How to Disagree without Becoming Disagreeable” and “How to Assess the Reliability of Sources"

  • Tools to continue answering questions and the questions of others throughout their lives will be practiced. 

Image by Adi Goldstein
Image by Mindy Sabiston

So You Think

You Can Date? 

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • Relying on Jesus Christ to Conquer Our Fears of Dating and Marriage

  • Being More Confident and Engaging in Conversation

  • Improving the First Date Experience

  • Principles of Developing Healthy Romantic Relationships

  • Becoming More Attractive

  • Responding Well to Rejection

  • Physical Affection in Dating

  • Addressing Pornography Use with Your Partner

  • Preparing for Healthy Intimacy in Marriage 

  • Making the Decision to Get Married with Confidence

The Divine Gift of Forgiveness

Topics Explored in this Course: 

  • The Gift of Repentance & the Joy of Becoming Clean

  • Abandoning Sin & Spiritually Awakening to God

  • Faith in Jesus Christ & Forgiveness through Him

  • Overcoming Barriers to Repentance by Relying on Jesus

  • A Broken Heart, a Contrite Spirit, and Godly Sorrow

  • Confessing and Forsaking Sins and Making Generous Restitution

  • Forgiving Others

  • The Role of the Savior, Priesthood Leaders, and the Holy Ghost in Forgiveness

  • Daily Repentance and the Divine Gift of Forgiveness

Image by Steve DiMatteo

Institute Choir

In this Course: 

  • Come to know the Savior through the gift of music

  • Bear witness of the Savior and His Gospel in song

  • Make sacred music more a part of the soundtrack of your life to help you “Think Celestial”

  • Have impactful Gospel discussions in choir generated from the music/ hymns being sung

  • Get to be a part of special concerts and performances with large groups of talented musicians 

  • Get to sing for devotionals with members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and other Church Leadership

  • Make friends and find a great group of people to belong with— a solid social niche.

  • Have a blast at socials and make a difference through service activities organized by Institute Choir leadership

  • Learn more about music and develop your talents (even if you’ve never sang in a choir before)

  • Be a part of something great spiritually and musically even if your time is limited this semester. 

  • No audition required! Simply register. If you have questions about Institute Choir contact Trina Garlick

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