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It has been a privilege to teach seminary/institute over the last 22 years in the Utah Valley, Moscow Idaho Institute of Religion, and now with you at the University of Utah – my alma mater.  My education consists of a Master's in Social Work, and a PhD in Educational Leadership. My wife and I have 6 energetic, loving children. We enjoy being in the outdoors, laughing, and looking for ways to serve. We are so excited to be at the U!  

Spring Class Schedule: 

Teachings and Doctrines of the Book of Mormon

MON/WED – 10am

TUE/THU – 8:30am 

TUE – 12:55pm

WED - 4pm

THUR - 12:55pm


MON – 12pm 

WED – 5:30pm

THU – 11am 

What to Expect in Class: Gathering with relevant life questions, opening the scriptures, and having meaningful discussion opens the windows of heaven.  My teaching style is open, discussion centered, and scripture focused.  In my class you will feel loved, accepted, and heard. 

Office Hours: MON/WED, 9:00-10:00 am (or, whenever in the office)

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