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I love the Lord, my students, and learning! I see myself as a perpetual student of the Restored gospel. I’m all about joining with students in the process of discovering insights, searching out answers to questions, and making meaning of the Savior’s teachings in our lives (real-world application). I’m passionate about helping students strengthen and deepen their relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and with others, especially in dating and marriage.


Quick Facts:

  • Born and Raised: Ogden, Utah

  • Mission: Russia Yekaterinburg

  • Education: BS in Business Management (BYU), Master’s in Family & Human Development (USU), PhD in Curriculum & Instruction (USU)

  • Family: Married to Danielle Taylor; 6 children (4 daughters, 2 sons) 

  • Passions: Dating Danielle, having fun with our kids, basketball, rating burgers, finding deals on cereal, reading biographies

Fall Class Schedule:

Dating & Discipleship

M/W @ 11:50a–12:50p (Rm E201)

M/W @ 2:00–2:50p (E201)

Thur @ 7:30–9:00p (E217/218)


New Testament, Come Follow Me

Wed @ 10:00–10:50a (E201)

Thur @ 1:00–1:50p (E201)


Answering My Gospel Questions

Thur @ 2:30­–3:30p (E201)

Thur @ 6:00–7:00p (Section for Married Couples) (E217/218)

Podcast Class – Peacemakers Needed (No set time—see the class website)

What to Expect in Class: Welcoming space for students’ questions; class discussions and meaningful small group activities; enough information rooted in the scriptures and teachings of modern prophets to help students expand their knowledge and to build other learning experiences around; time for independent study on occasion.

Office Hours: Room# E203

  • Mondays 9:00–11:30a

  • Thursdays 4:00–5:30p

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