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Kyle Turner is an Assistant Professor (Clinical) at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy and a clinical pharmacist in primary care. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Utah and completed two years of residency training at the University of Minnesota. His scholarly and teaching interests center on fostering leadership, team-based practice development, health care innovation, interprofessional educations and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Kyle is also a volunteer institute teacher! After serving a mission to Puebla, Mexico he met and married his wife, Katelyn. They are the parents of three children – Eliza, Weslie and Olivia. Kyle currently serves as a counselor in the bishopric of his ward. As a teacher at heart, he is excited to learn from and with institute students to learn from and come closer to the Savior.

Fall Class Schedule:  Tue 12-12:50pm in HSEB: COME FOLLOW ME: NEW TESTAMENT

What to Expect in Class: Some lecture, LOTS of discussion and stories

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