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Maridee Weston is a fun-loving gal. She spent 10 or so years teaching high school. She then transitioned to S&I and began teaching at Skyline High. Since then, Maridee has taught at Skyline, East, Olympus, SLCC (Taylorsville Campus) and now at the Institute at the U. Maridee loves Bear Lake, Lake Powell and knitting. She holds a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from SUU and a master's degree in Religious Education (emphasis in Religious Art) from BYU. 

Fall Class Schedule (E115):


9:40-10:30 AM.  Women in the Scripture


12:55-1:45 PM   Women in the Scripture

2:00-2:50 PM.    Seeing the Savior through Art

Tuesday Evenings

5:30-7:00 PM      Seeing the Savior through Art

Thursday Evenings

7pm    Summit at the U (Adviser)

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