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Brother Moore was raised in East Millcreek (pronounced: mill crik), in the shadow of Mount Olympus, until leaving to preach the gospel in the Brazil, Porto Alegre Mission. He and his wife Nancy met in an institute class at the U, where he waited until the last day of class to ask her out. (He liked the class, and worried that if the date went poorly, he’d never dare come back.) He received his bachelor’s degree in history (perfect for a guy who loves to read and would rather travel in time than be able to fly) and a master’s degree in religious education, where he penned the now forgotten, The Book of Mormon: A Witness to the Historicity and Accuracy of Biblical Person, Events, and Doctrines (still unread by anyone but the author). He and his wife Nancy raised their four kids (ages 25-16) in Salem, Oregon, where they acquired multiple pairs of Birkenstocks and learned to love the rain. For someone who is 6’4”, his basketball skills are unimpressive. He likes reading (most recently: Just Mercy, A. Lincoln, and The Second Mountain), asking ridiculous questions (such as: “If you woke up tomorrow and could fly, how would you announce it to the world?), hanging out with family and friends, and, of course, spending time with young adults, teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Spring Class Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday: RM. W113

9:40-10:30 AM.   Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon

10:45-11:35 AM.  Teachings of President Russell M. Nelson

Tuesday/Thursday: RM. W113

10:45-11:35 AM.  Teachings of President Russell M. Nelson

Thursday Evening: RM. W020

Come, Follow Me: Book of Mormon- For 25-35 age group

What to Expect in Class: Expect a mix of class discussion, independent study, some small group discussion, and teacher presentation.

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