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Most importantly a husband of 1 and father of 4!  So grateful that I have been a Ute fan from birth and we as a family spend many hours together supporting the Utes 🙌, it’s a dream come true to teach back here at my Alma Mater. Have had the opportunity to teach for the last 22 years. An avid outdoors person that loves to ski, mountain bike and have finished  8 Ironman triathlete, 48 marathon’s with hopefully many, many more to come.

Fall Class Schedule (All classes are held in W112):

M/W 10:45-11:35 Book of Mormon (121-1)

M/W 11:50-12:40 Foundations of the Restoration (225-9)

M/W 2-2:50 Foundations of the Restoration (225-10)

Tue 5:30-6:20 Foundations of the Restoration (225A-28)

Tue 6:30-7:20 Book of Mormon (121A-26)

Tue 7:30-8:20 The Parables of Jesus (384A-34) (Greek Life)

Wed 6:30-7:20 Foundations of the Restoration (225A-30)


What to Expect in Class: Our class with a mix of Discussion for what were studying with some group activities every so often


Office Hours: Every morning and afternoon when not teaching. E220C

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