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A permit for General Daytime Parking is not required until Fall semester.

Special permits are required for faculty, auxiliary, and maintenance parking all year. No overnight parking allowed.

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To Qualify for Parking:

  1. Register for a class at the Institute of Religion at the U of U

  2. Apply for a Parking Permit

  3. Maintain 75% attendance in your institute class 

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Apply for a Parking Permit

  1. Apply - Applications will be emailed to registered institute students during the first two weeks of the semester.  

  2. Finalize - Once the application is submitted, students will receive a follow up email with instructions on how to finalize their permit. 


​Please note: If you are applying after the first two weeks of a semester, please speak with your instructor. ​

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Update Your Permit

Do you have a U ID?
Students with a U ID can manage their permits online at the University of Utah's Commuter Services website by navigating to "My Parking Portal."


Don't have a U ID?
​Students without a U ID can change their permit by reaching out the West Office at the institute in person or over the phone at 801-582-6506.

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Parking Guidelines

  • ​​Faculty, Auxiliary, and Maintenance parking require special permits, day and night. 

  • Your license plate must be visible from the aisle. If the parking enforcer has to get out of the car to see your plate, you will automatically get a ticket. 

  • If your attendance falls below 75%, you will receive a warning email or text. If you do not work with your teacher to fix your attendance in a timely manner, your permit will be revoked (you will be notified via email or text). 

If Parking Privilege is Revoked...

We are thrilled that you are enrolled at the Institute of Religion at the U of U! We love having your attend

Parking privileges are reserved for students who: 

  • Enroll in a class

  • Register for parking

  • Attend at least 75% of their classes

If you have received notice that your parking privilege is being revoked, please contact your current institute teacher. 

FAQ about Parking

If I signed up for a permit for a previous semester, will that information carry over to this semester?
No. You must sign up for a new permit every Fall and Spring semester.


Do I need a permit to park at the Institute during the Summer?

No permit is needed for general Institute parking during the Summer semester. Permits are required for faculty, auxiliary, and maintenance parking 24/7. Overnight parking is not allowed.

Once I have applied for a permit do I need to come pick up a tag for my car? 
No. Your license plate is your permit, and as such, it must be visible from the aisle for enforcement.

Can I have more than one plate on my permit? 
Yes! You can have 2 plates registered under your permit, but only one vehicle may be on campus at a time. 

I currently have a temporary license plate. What do I put for the plate number when I am applying for a permit? Or how do I update my already existing permit? 
Your temporary plate does have a plate number (located near the date), which you can list when applying. To update your permit, please see Updating Your Permit. When your permanent plate comes follow the same instructions for updating your permit. 

I'm borrowing a car for a few days. How do I change the plate on my permit temporarily? 
If you already have a permit with the institute, you will have to Update Your Permit. Otherwise, you can apply for a day pass at the Institute Office (in person or by phone). 

I only need to park in the institute parking lot during the evening. Do I still need a permit? 
After 4 PM, a permit is not required for general parking. Faculty, Auxiliary, and Maintenance require special permits, day, and night. 

My permit was revoked but I am working with my teacher on make-up work to get my permit re-instated. How can I park here in the meantime? 
With your instructors approval, we can reissue your term parking permit at any time.

Is overnight parking allowed at the institute?

Does the institute parking permit allow me to park anywhere on campus? 
No. The institute parking permit applies only to the institute lots. 

I am in the stake presidency, bishopric, or high council of a stake that is assigned to the institute. Can I get a permit? 
Yes! Please contact the Institute Office in person, by email, or by phone for additional information. 

I am going to an event on the U of U campus. Can I park at the Institute? 
Maybe! Check the U of U Events calendar for designated event parking,, or give us a call.

Where can I park with a U of U Institute Parking Permit?

An Institute Parking Permit allows permit holders to park in Lots 17, 18, 19, and the first floor of the Parking Structure. Please note that the three easternmost rows in Lot 19 are reserved for Ivory University House Parking.

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